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Posted by on 5 Jan 2015

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Key Talent Partners have developed a systematic approach for identifying and developing your company’s leaders.

Your organisation and its people, needs constant adjustment and development to deal with the ever changing environment if it’s not going to be left behind. Business success depends on the quality of your leadership. Our purpose is to help you achieve your vision through your people.

We work with your leaders & their teams to:

  • create better interactions across the company both internally and externally
  • improve the working environment so as to create a healthy culture in which to work
  • ensure productive/engaged employees who are committed to going the extra mile when necessary

Key Talent Partners will save you time by:

  • ensuring people’s energies are focused on business related topics
  • enabling people to play to their strengths, ensuring people are motivated and engaged
  • minimizing sources of conflict and improving trust, accountability, and communication

Our highly qualified and experienced team of consultants work with you to identify and then strengthen effective workplace behaviours either through team facilitation, executive coaching or skills based training.

At Key Talent Partners we offer a number of psychometric tools such as MBTI, FIRO-B, LAB Profile and the Thomas Kilmann Conflict model. These models help build greater awareness.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could create a positive difference in your organisation. Please contact us by email at info@KeyTalent-Partners.com or call 01828 632 199.

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