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Posted by on 5 Jan 2015

Key Talent Partners have developed a systematic approach for identifying and developing your company’s leaders.

Your organisation and its people, needs constant adjustment and development to deal with the ever changing environment if it’s not going to be left behind. Business success depends on the quality of your leadership. My purpose is to help you achieve your vision through your people.

My passion is to work with managers and their teams to enable them to develop their natural strengths and find that sweet spot.

I am a ‘Strengths focused’ coach, with over 14 years experience of working in small, medium and large businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA. I work with my clients to enable them to grow and develop their skills so that they can improve how they perform as individuals and collectively as a ‘high performing team.’


I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can create a positive difference in your organisation. Please contact me by email at info@KeyTalent-Partners.com or call 01828 632 199.